Sell Your Home

You’ve decided to sell your home! You are thinking of where to go next or may already have a place in mind. You are ready for change and need a brokerage firm that understands the importance of selling the home that you’ve lived, and created memories in, to a ready willing and able buyers.

At Realty International we know how important selling your home is and we understand the steps it takes to get to the word “SOLD” placed on the “for sale” sign outside your home.

Our Agents

Our agents are experienced and qualified professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to sell your home. They work beside you as your trusted and professional advocate throughout the sales process and beyond.

Expand Your Buyer Market Beyond the USAFamily holding a sold sign outside their home

One of the greatest advantages to working with Realty International to sell our home is our network of  financially secure international buyers. Marketing your home to this network of individuals -from over 50 countries- significantly expands your homes exposure. These are buyers moving to the US through a specialty investment visa or green card programs known as the E2, E1, L1 or O1 Visa’s or EB5 green card.

We market your home to these buyers in collaboration with our  partner business brokerage: Business Brokers International (BBI).

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